Joey’s Favorite Breakfast

Dear Joey,

Surgery days are the best days around here because it means you get to spend a bit of the morning with us instead of rushing out the door before one or both of the little girls wakes up.

These sorts of mornings start early, of course, whenever one of the little girls decides it’s time to be up and around. Sometimes they wake up at the same time. Perhaps they’re starting their conspiracies against us early?

Today wasn’t so bad, I guess. It was nearly 7:00 by the time the littlest girl was ready to be picked up. You had already gotten Addie out of bed a few minutes before, and it would have been harder for me to roll out of bed had I not heard you making good on your promise to clean the kitchen first thing in the morning.

Even though going to work later than usual means helping out around the house when you’d otherwise be exempt from it, you take it in stride because it also means you have time to enjoy your favorite breakfast–a bowl of cereal, shared with your daughter, while watching GI Joe.

I admit that when this trend first started, I wasn’t so keen on it. Flicking on the TV first thing in the morning, lounging around with Addie for awhile, and not changing her diaper or giving her breakfast until after I got up and asked about both of those things. (I know, you were tired.)

Soon, though, it turned into the two of you sitting on the couch and munching on the same bowl of cereal. This helped, but watching TV with a bowl of sugary cereal doesn’t really count as a good breakfast in my book.

But now, I realize that “good” is subjective, really, because it is a good breakfast in many ways. It’s good because it’s you with your girl making a memory. It’s good because it’s you sharing something of yourself with her. It’s good because it gives me a moment of freedom (short-lived, though it might be). It’s good because it’s a constant that she and I both have come to count on, one that would be sorely missed if we didn’t enjoy it once in awhile.

But really, GI Joe?

Love, Scratch

Joey’s Favorite Breakfast
Cereal, any kind (but preferably Honey Nut Cheerios, Blueberry Crunch, Berry Kix, or any number of sugary cereal)
Vanilla Soy Milk
1 bowl
1 spoon
Classic episodes of GI Joe (or your own favorite cartoon from childhood)
A little girl eager to share

Pour cereal into the bowl. Splash on some soy milk. Take to the couch. Turn on GI Joe and start eating. Before long, a little girl will come asking for a bite. Pick her up, let her munch, and when she’s done, she’ll probably keep snuggling with you (and as a result, end up watching your favorite cartoon with you…).

Yield: one happy daddy & daughter duo

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