We Struck Gold, or Chick’n Dippin’ Sauce

Dear Joey,

At our house Take Out literally means taking something out of the freezer. Bags of nuggets and tater tots and fries are almost always at the ready for Fun Food Fridays. We may be a food allergy family, but we like a little junk food now and then too. (And how else is this allergy mom going to get a break in the kitchen?)

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Fun Food Friday is a thing around here. The Goobies cheer for it and you do too–especially when there’s plenty of Chick-Fil-A sauce to go around. And by Chick-Fil-A, I mean Chick-Faux-Lay. Because we rarely have the stuff in the fridge (who does?).

For as much as our family is at peace with not doing fast food, we sure miss the dipping sauces. Well, you miss the dipping sauces. The Goobies don’t know much different, really. Before Chick-Faux-Lay sauce came along, they were content with ketchup. But after we set about recreating the famed famed sauce in our own kitchen, they all agree we struck gold.

And so without further ado, here is our favorite Chick’n Dippin’ Sauce. Or Chick-Faux-Lay, or DIY Chick-Fil-A sauce. No matter what we call it, you cheer for it–and then you lick the bowl clean. (We’re super classy around here, aren’t we?)

Joey is a serious dipper. Addie is too. Emery and Mia are finicky about dipping sauces, but everyone agrees our DIY version tastes a whole lot like the original. (And Chick-Fil-A? We love and miss you. If it weren’t for food allergies, we would frequent you often.) We keep a stash of this Chick’n Dippin’ sauce in the fridge all the time–but it usually runs out right around the same time as the nuggets. It is fantastic with tater tots, spread on grilled sandwiches, drizzled on potatoes–and Addie even dips her raw veggies in it, too! (Sugar snap peas are her favorite!) 

Chickn Dippin Sauce

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