This Week Is Nuts, and So Is This Creamy Baked Chicken

This week is nuts.

It’s crazy on a national level, clearly, but chaos happens behind closed doors in the very ordinary goings on of life too. My calendar is slammed. So is my brain. And lots of personal, real-life-problems showed up on my doorstep and holy moly can’t I just catch a break?

My mom, bless her, showed up on my doorstep too, but instead of trouble she brought tubs of almond-milk ricotta and almond-milk Greek style yogurt. And other things too, like hugs.

I guess there’s just always something, right? Some weeks just feel more fraught with hardship than others, and on those particularly tense days I focus on the things I can control, like my attitude. And dinner.

My guess is you are having a hard week too, and I bet it goes deeper than just the uncertainty of the election itself. I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a hug. I wish I could invite you over and pour you a cup of tea and chat over a plate of chocolate chip cookies. But alas, since I cannot, I’ll leave you with a recipe that might make you feel comforted just the same.

This Creamy Baked might look a little basic–breast meat slathered in a white sauce–but aren’t the most comforting meals also the most simple? This is quick and easy and packed with flavor–and easy enough to get done in the middle of a particularly nutty weeknight. Joey and the Goobies lick their plates clean when I make it, and while I show a pinch more decorum than that, I admit I really want to do that too. It’s that good.

Take good care, friends. Make yourself some dinner. Gather your people around the kitchen table. Nourish your bodies and your souls, because you need your strength in both places. Today, yes. Tomorrow too. Start with something basic, like baked chicken.

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