How We Deal with Oral Food Challenges, and the Vegan, Top Allergen Free Chocolate Cookie Dough that Helps Us Cope

Food isn’t the answer to everything, but chocolate helps. It always, always helps. When it comes to tackling an oral challenge, chocolate is my best defense. (Well ok, chocolate and lots of prayer.)

Oral challenges are scary. Anxious thoughts and all kinds of What if’s? dance our heads dizzy. In the nerve-wracking times when we face challenges head on, we need something familiar to help us cope. Bringing items along that boost our confidence and bring us comfort us is key. For our family, this includes giving God our worries, standing on His promises, bringing a fully-charged iPad, and eating this vegan, gluten free, top allergen free chocolate chip cookie dough.

While eggs aren’t on our off-limits list at home (because EJ grew out of that allergy several years ago), I make this cookie dough without them so the kids can eat it raw. Sure, I could make a single serving of it and call it a day, but why do that when I can bake up a batch of freshly baked cookies for later? (Lord knows after a stressful day at the doctor, chocolate chip cookies help me too.) I pray as I make the dough: that things would go well, that God would protect my kids’ bodies, minds and hearts, and that He would give me peace and confidence that all will be well, come what may.

These cookies aren’t magical, but they are a miracle in my book. Not only do they give my kids something positive to focus on (Hurray! We get to eat cookie dough!), but they are also free of the top 9 allergens (when you use soy free vegan buttery spread like I do). No egg replacers necessary. Crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside–these cookies hold together like a dream.

When allergy life makes you feel like you’re falling apart, maybe these cookies will help you hold it together too.

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