This collection of recipes started far before we ever became a food allergy family, but over time we adapted most of them to suit our own unique set of food restrictions, including gluten, dairy, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, shrimp, and Tuscan Melon.  We aren’t top 8 free around here, but several recipes here can … Read More

And So, I’ll Keep Going

Dear Joey, When we moved, there were a few things that we swore up and down we would do once we got settled. Get Mia sleep-trained so we could have a full night of sleep. Move the girls into a shared bedroom. Make it a point to go on a date every week. Potty train … Read More

A Blessing and a Burden

Dear Joey, Last night you told me you looked up Rachel in the dictionary and it said, “perseverance.” This is me, today, persevering.  I’m choosing to do what I have purposely avoided for nearly four months. In the time since moving across the hills, back to this place, has been and continues to be both … Read More