Is your kitchen life a little…. complicated? Mine too.

Building a kitchen life that is both fun and functional is tough. Throw food sensitivities and allergies into the mix and oof–it’s a lot to think about. Transforming your kitchen accommodate dietary restrictions is tough, but it can be done–and the result will yield so much joy. Our family did it, so I know yours can too!

Check out these free, downloadable resources designed to help you cultivate and enjoy your family’s unique kitchen culture.

Practical Tips for Cultivating Joy at Mealtime: Download the free printable HERE!

Cultivating joy in an upside down kitchen is hard because it hurts. These five steps help you make peace with unwanted changes and find joy in the middle of the mess. Download the free infographic here.

Make your kitchen inclusive and inviting with this simple, step by step guide that moves your family from paralysis to progress. Download the free guide here.

Building a Better Pantry

Building a gluten free or allergy friendly pantry (or any pantry, really) takes time–and money. Take it slow, and don’t stress! Just toss a new item or two into your cart the next time you go shopping; before you know it, you will have your pantry stocked!

1. Seasoning Blend Staples: Here are recipes for eight of my absolute favorite, go-to seasoning blends. Print a copy and stock up on scratch-made, safer seasonings.

2. Super Basic Pantry Staples: Only the essentials. This pared down pantry list includes the most basic ingredients needed for making simple meals at home. (I bet most of these items are already in your cupboards!) Make sure you have these items on hand before moving on to the expanded list below.

3. Expanded Pantry Staples: My favorites! This list includes shelf stable ingredients I like to keep on hand.

4. Freezer Staples: Wondering what to stash in your freezer? Here’s a list to get you started. I like to keep these things on hand as often as I can, but our freezer never has everything all at once. Get what you can when you can, and before you know it your freezer will fill up with useful ingredients for all sorts of family meals (and a few treats, too!)

Cooking Tips and Tricks

Download my FREE Kitchen Cabinet Cheat Sheet, a quick reference guide for allergy friendly swaps, common substitutions, cook times, meat temperatures and more.